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When Ben would give talks on public speaking he discovered that if he could show people a video of them speaking so that they could see themselves, they would cure all their bad habits immediately. Referrals get easier as you go because of the circle of influence. The technique is the same! He was told to never leave an appointment without at least 5 referrals. It's not "Old School" The only thing different today is that we have more options for prospecting. After that, selling is the same as it has always been.

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He made his first cold call, made a sale and got 5 referrals.

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Ben quit cigarettes by seeing himself smoke on video and realising how bad it looked and how it distracted him. Below are a few snippets but we encourage you to listen to the entire podcast carefully and apply what you hear. From there they both worked successfully with the company. He was told to never leave an appointment without at least 5 referrals.

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Suggestive selling caused a national egg shortage when a large retailer taught their staff to ask "1 egg or 2?

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