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Alcohol, for example, is a central nervous system depressant: One booklet quotes a man saying that others "just don't get what it means to be a gay man and the importance of the prostate in a gay man's sex life". Gay or bisexual men who are the receptive partner bottom during anal sex may receive pleasure from the penis rubbing against their prostate Prostate Cancer UK, A qualitative study Hartman et al. These were aggregated into 4 main themes: I managed to politely decline and soon after I thought:

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Some of these differences in quality of life when compared to heterosexual men may stem from communication issues between a gay or bisexual individual and their healthcare teamas well as a larger impact on sexual functioning for gay men with prostate cancer compared to heterosexual men with the condition.

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Coping With Prostate Cancer as a Gay Man

Qualitative evaluation and research methods. Although prostate cancer is more prevalent in black men 1 in 4 aged 45 or above Thompson,and for other ethnicities aged 50 or above, there is no evidence that gay or bisexual men are more specifically at risk of developing prostate cancer Prostate Cancer UK, Men who were the penetrators during sexual intercourse were psychologically affected more profusely by ED. There was reduced erectile functioning Hartman et al. The data indicate that the alterations to sexual function adversely impacted on their sense of masculine identity.

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Unfortunately the insurance system is extremely parsimonious about reimbursing erection-enhancing products. See Table 1 for a summary of each paper. The authors go on to discuss our double nervous system: One participant in one study was unable to engage sexually with his partner, resulting in less intimacy in their relationship Thomas et al. Be able to put your arms around yourself and give yourself a huge hug.

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