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A few years ago I came across some discussion of whether "Robin Hood" was gay—i. To explain that, I have to clarify how I approached the series. Robin Hood's Delight I also watched a few different Robin Hood movies that I grew up on, not only to refresh what stands out to me, but also to make sure I avoid designing anything too close to past interpretations. Robin and his band of friends and lovers live in isolated lives in the Sherwood Forest.

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It is necessary for it to blast off the shelf, but also not rely on the same tricks as the covers around it.

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Guy of Gisbourne

Could you talk about the art direction and what visual tone you wanted for the book? A History of the Ritual Year in Britain. When I undertook the project, I decided to go all the way back to the original legends—to strip away everything that had accrued over the centuries, and reconstruct it from first principles. Little John has to be big and burly, but make him a bit more subtle. Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham Jackie and Marissa, can you share a little bit about your process when you receive a Merry Men script? Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham

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The covers are a little different. Once I get the line art look it over to plan lighting and figure out how the emotional color beats would work best with the line art. I fell down that rabbit hole for a while, reading everything I could; and like everything else to do with Robin Hood, it's all very speculative and inconclusive. In Howard Pyle 's influential novel the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood published inhe is shown as a crude, coarse outlaw, known for his cruelty and murderous habits. Maid Marian was in origin a "shepherdess" figure associated with May Day. Maid Marian and Friar Tuck".

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