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I'm a gay man, but I'm married to a woman and we've had kids together. Will they be monogamous? I thought everybody understood this and, of course, brought their own reasons into it. From the VaultsEntertainment. They judge the gay spouses for why they married in the first place. Seated side by side on a sofa in their sun-drenches bungalow office, wearing identical button-down shirts, they say they are extremely alike in other ways, too. What have they invested so far, and if they do break up, what's at risk?

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For your mental and physical health and the welfare of your wife and any children involved, go forward with integrity, honesty and informed consent on everyone's part.

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Women Warm Up Faster to Gay Men Than Straight Guys, Study Suggests

In what some may find unsurprising news, a study conducted by the University of Texas has this week revealed that heterosexual women interact more comfortably and intimately with gay men than straight men. What are they laughing about, those two, always off in the corner together? Obviously we've built a life together, and I don't want to leave her but I want to be gay too. It's my fault entirely, and I should suffer! Will they have an open marriage sexually? Yes it is totally possible and many couples do it. I suppose I only really admitted to myself that I was gay when it was already too late.

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During the interactions, which were recorded on video, the participants were prompted to describe their ideal romantic partner. Photo courtesy Randi Berez. Frasierfor instance, revolves around the adventures of two effete and quippy men who would rather discuss opera than football and are far more devoted to one another than to any woman. You can go much deeper. Straight people might think she should divorce you and get on with her heterosexual life. From the VaultsEntertainment. In the first study, heterosexual female college students completed an online survey in which they were asked to imagine sitting alone in a waiting room with either a straight or gay male stranger.

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