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What are you talking about? The teams would then run through a grouping of the obstacles with some sort of hindrance usually carrying something heavy between obstacles. Meeuwenberg, however, made it to the Third Stage before he ultimately failed the Shin-Cliffhanger. Sakura rolled her eyes, sighing deeply. From the 8th competition onward, the buzzer opens the gate.

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He was around the 86th person to run the course.

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However, both the 3rd and 24th competitions saw a record five competitors attempt the Final Stage. He failed on the Log Grip on the First Stage. He later came back to compete in Sasuke 20, where he failed the Warped Wall again. Various American athletes, including Olympic gymnasts and twin brothers Paul and Morgan Hammhave competed in Sasuke. Starting from the 18th competition, the rope is no longer cut. In the 24th tournament a Nissan Fuga was also a prize if anyone could complete the Final Stage. He nailed your description.

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And please let me not be reminded of that again. Two of them continue to compete independently, and are now referred to as 'former All-Stars'. She also kept the streak going when she became the first woman ever to clear Stage 2. Applicants are interviewed or auditioned and trial rounds are held to test their physical ability until the field is narrowed to competitors. The fourth contest by G4 wrapped up in March and aired on June 21, on G4 as part of Ninjafest 4. The group became somewhat silent, waiting for Sakura to explain her opinion. For example, on a video where someone keeps saying "Oh no," one would comment saying "I liked the part when he said, 'Oh no.

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