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We live in a world of broken relationships. In our culture, he who tells the best story wins. Is it possible for two identities at seemingly opposing ends of the spectrum to thrive harmoniously? When our theology is producing depression, despair, self loathing, hopelessness and self harm we have to assume we have gotten it wrong. Episode Getting Along, Despite Differences: Confession The origins of the Church are thousands of years old.

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As you said — there is nothing in scripture that condemns the kind of relationship that my gay son wants to have and there is nothing in scripture that would support the idea of mandated celibacy for LGBT people. Design isn't just about graphics and colors; it's in the aesthetics of a space. Gay Christian Network. How do childhood experiences shape our calling?

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Your story encourages me to press on—to continue being authentic, and to keep believing and trusting that God still has a plan for me, despite my sexuality.

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