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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Really though, I think you have to do something about your addiction. Find all posts by gizmo. Poll closed May 21, Send a private message to tlover. Should I give up on us now, or leave it till he does it again. I mean biologically, sure obviously they are male.

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My boyfriend likes shemales does that make him gay?

Those attracted to Buck are attracted to him because he looks like a man, acts like a man and is a man regardless of him still having a vagina. I must admit, though, that lesbian porn turns me on even though I have no interest in licking some other girl's taco. Then I was looking at porn again, and was directed at a shemale site. The many men i know who travel from around the world to be with them, are typically divorced, many with kids, and have zero Nevertheless, i think that if you love the cock more than the pussy you are virtually gay. But unfortuantaly that doesn't work well with a ladyboy, because its hard to define them, and frankly they shouldn't. Haven't shared this with anyone though.

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Actually those theories of sexuality being fluid were proven false. With the girls, I want them to come all of the place. I feel I'm losing my time. So your husband probably isn't gay or bisexual. But I just started checking out this are of sexuality. While it's true some shemale lovers may be bisexual, it's also true that others in fact the majority are straight and identify as such. Send a private message to Jayshawn!

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