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Such a relationship will just feed on your insecurities and give you one more secret to worry about. We have always told him we will love him no matter what, and that he is an amazing, smart, funny, affectionate kid. Not the idea of being some kind of bread winner, but of dating guys that were more interested in partying, goofing off, wasting time. Trumble Goodreads Author 4. There are many steps you'll probably go through before you both are honest to each other about your feelings.

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You'll be surprised how much reassurance they can instill by telling their struggles as a youth. If he says yes, celebrate! If you think he likes you, your gut is probably right. Aug 09, Validate and accept him for where he is today. First, don't try and date just anyone who is gay, wait for someone you like. Kelley York Goodreads Author.

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I'm too shy to ask out a guy cause I'm scared he is straight and might hit me for hitting on him. The publisher is listed as 'Wm. Opens up about his personal life. He has also been asking questions about being gay. Try to initiate a conversation about how you want to be friends. If that happens, do not try to push the issue. As a society we tend to assume that all kids are straight, but that is just not true.